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Ticks & Fleas are found especially in warm and humid climates. They are a common household pest, living on dogs, rodents, cats and other pets animals. They can also be found indoors in narrow cracks where these animals frequently visit, or outdoors in humid climates. Ticks & Fleas bites to people and pets may cause an allergic reaction and result in rashes. A simple indication of ticks and fleas infestation is, when your pets are excessively scratching themselves as the ticks and fleas feed on pet's blood. A depth study of the pet and its fur should be conducted by the homeowner or veterinarian.

The infested house and kennel should be thoroughly cleaned to eliminate as many ticks as possible. Vacuuming is very helpful inside. Pet bedding and pet areas should be cleaned well. Kennels, dog houses, and structures occupied by pets should be thoroughly treated to control ticks that have dropped off the dog, and that reside in harborage areas. Insecticide sprays and dust should be applied carefully to all potential tick harborage areas.

Residential Pest Control Summary

Sr.No Service Schemes Service Type Pest Covered Frequency Warranty Treatment
1 Ticks & Flea 6 Months Ticks & Fleas 1 Time 6 Months Spray
1 Year Ticks & Fleas 2 Time 2 Year Spray
2 Price To know the price, Please fill the required details as mentioned above.
Note :

1) Price for our pest control services is charged as per above charts ;

2) Customers can get an additional service at free of cost, within warranty period, if they feel, pests are persist at pest control treated areas;

3) We use odour or odourless chemicals in spraying. However, we advise people to exit from treated pest control area for atleast 1 hour ;

Commercial Pest Control Summary :

Commercial pest control related to Ticks & Fleas is tailor-made designed on the basis of location & nature of business.

Hence, inspection is required to understand numbers of services to be carried-out in a year. cost of service is charged accordingly.

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