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Stopping ants once they enter your home can be a huge challenge as they leave behind a scented trail for other ants to follow. Ant infestations are the most commonly reported pest problem due to many factors. They often enter your home through small cracks around windows, doors and the foundation in search of food and water. Ant colonies can grow in a matter of days! There are thousands of ant species found around the world, carpenter ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants and red imported ants. Each ant species must be treated differently in order to eradicate it. Blue Pest Control Services can expertly identify which species of ants have invaded your home and apply the best ant control methods to eliminate them.

Residential Pest Control Summary

Sr.No Service Schemes Service Type Pest Covered Frequency Warranty Treatment
1 Ants-Special Single Red & Black Ants 1 Time 30 Days Gel & Spray
Annual Red & Black Ants 3 Time 365 Days Gel & Spray
2 Price To know the price, Please fill the required details as mentioned above.
Note :

1) Price for our pest control services is charged as per above charts ;

2) Customers can get an additional service at free of cost, within warranty period, if they feel, pests are persist at pest control treated areas;

3) We use odourless chemicals in spraying. However, we advise people to exit from treated pest control area for atleast 1 hour ;

Commercial Pest Control Summary :

Commercial pest control related to Ants is tailor-made designed on the basis of location & nature of business.

Hence, inspection is required to understand numbers of services to be carried-out in a year. cost of service is charged accordingly.

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