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Rodents include rats, mice & bandicoats, are a common problem that affect our homes. Our homes are very attractive place where rodents find everything they need like : food, water and shelter. These rodents seem to have an unsusal relationship to humans in that they prefer to live in close proximity with people.

Rodents should be a concern for all societies, corporate offices, factories, hotels & restuarants, warehouses, hospitals and commercial buildings as they not only cause extensive damage to electricals cables, insulation and other building components, but they also spread dangerous diseases and contaminate food products through urine, hair & faucal matter. They are responsible for spreading dreadful disease like rat bite fever, Leoptospirosis, Plague etc.

Rodent pose both as sanitation & health hazard.Rodents have compulsive gnawing habit and because of this habit they destroy packaging material, clothes,electric cables and equipments by cutting wires etc in storage place, homes, factories, hospitals & commercial buildings.

If you are concerned about rodents in your premise, please feel free to contact us for a thorough rodent inspection. We seek out rodent nests and eliminate them; and also help prevent future rodent infestations.

Residential Pest Control Summary

Sr.No Service Schemes Service Type Pest Covered Frequency Warranty Treatment
1 Rodents Control Single Rodent 1 Time 30 Days Glue Pad, Cake
Annual Rodent 3 Time 365 Days Glue Pad, Roda Boxes, Cake
2 Rodent
Single Rodent 1 Time 30 Days Glue Pad & Cake
Cockroach 1 Time 30 Days Gel & Spray
Single Rodent 3 Time 365 Days Glue Pad, Roda Boxes, Cake
Cockroach 3 Time 365 Days Gel & Spray
3 Price To know the price, Please fill the required details as mentioned above.
Note :

1) Price for our pest control services is charged as per above charts ;

2) Customers can get an additional service at free of cost, within warranty period, if they feel, pests are persist at pest control treated areas;

Commercial Pest Control Summary :

Commercial pest control related to Rodent is tailor-made designed on the basis of location & nature of business.

Hence, inspection is required to understand numbers of services to be carried-out in a year. cost of service is charged accordingly.

Call to BG Pest control's man for free inspection of pests and discuss our range of effective solutions and their costs.

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