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Cockroach is one of the pests which is reddish brown colour most common in Indian condition. The average size of this pest can be 1 cm to 5 cm.Cockroaches are commonly found in the Kitchen area, food processing areas to food stroage areas, near waste deposits or garbage bins. It is also found in dark damp places such as basements, sewers, drains & pipes. Its presense is seen worldwide. They are nocturnal insect active mostly during night.

They feed on such diverse items as cereals, chocolate, pastries, milk products, cooked food and sweets. They can survive up to two months without food but only one month without water. Cockroaches crawl through contaminated area and transmit various bacteria and viruses and also they are associated with various other health risks to human beings as :

  • Food poisoning
  • Diarrhoea and Dysentery
  • Salmonella
  • Gastro-enteritis
  • Eczema and childhood asthma etc

As we aware that " Health and safety starts from us ". Hence, it is our's responsibility to keep your home pest free.

Residential Pest Control Summary

Sr.No Service Schemes Service Type Pest Covered Frequency Warranty Treatment
1 Cockroach Single Cockroach 1 Time 30 Days Gel & Spray
Annual Cockroach 3 Time 1 Year Gel & Spray
2 Years Cockroach 6 Time 2 Years Gel & Spray
2 Cockroach
Bed Bugs
Single Cockroach 1 Time 30 Days Gel & Spray
Bed Bugs 2 Time 60 Days Spray
(365+60) Days Cockroach 3 Time 365 Days Gel & Spray
Bed Bugs 2 Time 60 Days Spray
3 Rodent
Single Rodent 1 Time 30 Days Glue Pad & Cake
Cockroach 1 Time 30 Days Gel & Spray
Annual Rodent 3 Time 365 Days Glue Pad,Roda Boxes,Cake
Cockroach 3 Time 365 Days Gel & Spray
4 Termite
1 Year Termite 3 Time 1 Year Drilling & Spray
Cockroach 3 Time 1 Year Gel & Spray
2 Year Termite 6 Time 2 Year Drilling & Spray
Cockroach 6 Time 2 Year Gel & Spray
5 Price To know the price, Please fill the required details as mentioned above.
Note :

1) Price for our pest control services is charged as per above charts ;

2) Customers can get an additional service at free of cost, within warranty period, if they feel, pests are persist at pest control treated areas;

3) We use odourless chemicals in spraying. However, we advise people to exit from treated pest control area for atleast 1 hour ;

Commercial Pest Control Summary :

Commercial pest control related to Cockroach, Ants, Lizards & Spider is tailor-made designed on the basis of location & nature of business.

Hence, inspection is required to understand numbers of services to be carried-out in a year. cost of service is charged accordingly.

Call to BG Pest control's man for free inspection of pests at your home and discuss our range of effective solutions and their costs.

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